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AH-NC800 new


  • Denon has developed technology, called Dual Noise Cancelling, that now shuts out 99%(*1) of ambient noise. The Denon AH-NC800 headphones not only give you this nearly-perfect noise cancelling performance but also a newly-developed headphone design for improved wearing comfort, as you need both when you listen to high-quality sound over long periods. Along with noise-free tranquillity, the AH-NC800 has a newlydeveloped head band that disperses pressure over the head, and the ear pads are made of protein leather sewn in 3D to achieve a gentle touch to the skin for extended wearing comfort. In the area of sound quality, Denon has tapped its extensive expertise in Hi-Fi audio amplifiers to develop Audio Restorer, a technology for reproducing high-quality sound from music files stored in portable audio players, and has even built a lowdistortion, high-performance amp into the headphones to ensure that the sound you hear is beautifully clear and dynamic. The AH-NC800 is also foldable and stores very snugly into the supplied carrying case. Enjoy the AH-NC800 whether you are out or at home.
  • New Features
  • Dual Noise Cancelling combination for more quietness
  • 3D draping soft skin and foam cushions ear-pads for best comfort
  • Newly developed 42 mm driver unit for dynamic sound
  • Main Features
  • Compressed Audio Restorer improves the fidelity from your portable audio player
  • A high-performance audio amp has been included to suppress electrical noise and accurately bring out the details of low-level sound
  • Hybrid material housing for highest fidelity sound reproduction
  • Acoustic Optimiser and 42 mm driver for clear, dynamic sound
  • Lower power consumption permitting continuous use of 40 hours
  • Includes two detachable OFC cables of 0.7 and 1.5 meters each to suit different user needs
  • Comes with an airline adapter that can be used for listening to audio programs on airplanes
  • Also comes with a convenient carrying case into which the AH-NC800 can be snugly stored

* описание товара может не полностью совпадать с его характеристиками, точные данные уточняйте у менеджеров при заказе

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